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The Mike Cutmore Website!

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A very warm welcome to my personal website folks! Here you can find out about some of my interests, the activity's I enjoy and much about myself too. I also intend to help you as you may help me by passing on hints, tips, information or anything relevant. I would appreciate you contacting me hitherto.

BRAINTREE town centre (overview)

Full screen view of BRAINTREE, Essex, U.K.

Take the BRAINTREE tour

Inside information in BRAINTREE

BRAINTREE businesses

Picture of myself and my award winning TR7DHC, Click here for details of the TRIUMPH.

Mike on the Isle of Wight

My name is Mike and I live in the U.K in a town called BRAINTREE in ESSEX. I really enjoy things like Flying, Driving, Travel and Fashion, Photography (Still and Video), and I really admire a good sense of humour very much! I like everything except Football really and I also dislike anything or anyone that does not take fun or happiness very seriously indeed.

So what I have tried to do here is basically present a 'Warts and all' nutshell that hopefully will inspire someone to think about the things that sometimes motivate myself. Its hard to believe that I began all this many moons before we had the facebooks, myspaces, bebos, tumblrs & twitters of this world (don't you just hate all those annoying registrations).

Here you can look at some philosophy, dream of sprouting wings, import a picture of yourself so you can try make-up before you put it on your face or better still come cruising with me in my Triumph TR7!

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